This gallant little boy comforted a classmate on her first day of preschool, and we’re not getting over it ever. 

See the full video here.

It’s also because “skinship” is a thing in China-Japan-Korea (there might be other countries but I do’nt know if it applies there).

So basically touching another person, of the opposite sex, could make scandals arise, and it’s not a thing to do generally. Touching in generaly isn’t really a normal thing to do.
Seriously like watch these reality shows and the amount of times they go “OMG YOU ALMOST HELD HANDS” “YOU TOUCHED HIM” “WE SAW YOU HUG HER” and how dramatized it gets.

In this case the girl was saying baobao which could either mean hug or carry (like you would a baby or in this case a little kid) and the boy was saying xiao which could mean young or little as in size. He was most likely saying he was too little to carry her which is true lmfao

Hugs aren’t usually that big of a thing for chinese peeps but it’s not such a thing as to spread to children. I know from watching other families little boys and girls can hug each other without anyone making a fuss and nothing is enforced on them cus everyone finds it super cute :’D


New Show Pitch for EXO Entitled, ‘Let Them Rest’


Where all members of the group get to sleep in a comfortable bed for 8 hours a day, hang out with friends, find god or whatever their spiritual lives might lead them, and get to be away from the prying eyes of the world.

Budget/Expenses: $0 — since there’s no need for cameras, coordinoonas, or any sort of crew at all, it’s free :D

Not coming to a TV near you because these boys need their fucking time alone.



Hand to Type: Scripts, Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy by R. Klanten.

Hand to Type is a stunning compilation of hand-made and digital scripts that showcases the beauty of handwritten letterforms. The book features work by some of today’s most successful and original calligraphers and lettering artists. In addition to fonts and lettering using the Latin alphabet, it introduces artists who explore Cyrillic, Arabic, and Greek scripts.

The book’s rich visual examples are complemented by in-depth interviews with outstanding calligraphers and type designers conducted by editor Jan Middendorp. Hand to Type also offers a revealing glimpse into processes by which hand-made letters may be turned into digital files. Prominent guest authors introduce the workings of scripts with which many readers may be less familiar—from Arabic and Indian writing systems to the amazing scripts found in pre-war German schoolbooks and on Amsterdam pub windows.

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